You might have noticed that I have added a donate button to my blog. Why on earth should you donate to it? Well, because I am asking really nicely. Seriously, it might not look like it but a lot of effort goes into this site. In fact it is a full time job and more sometimes. But that isn’t your problem and if you don’t donate it isn’t going to go away. I will continue to keep my blog because a lot of people seem to enjoy it and that is good enough for me…but donations are certainly welcomed. If you don’t want to donate you can always support my sponsors. Let them pay me. I have tried to find ones that are interesting and fun and don’t ask much of you. I accept any amount donation, it’s all good, and you don’t have to break the bank. The change in the couch helps me keep things running here.

Thank you very much. My eight starving children thank you too.

Ok, that was just a cheap attempt to elicit sympathy. I don’t have eight starving children. I only have two kids and they really aren’t starving. My 15 year old son is eating me out of house and home however.