What the hell is wrong with people? Is there something in the water? Maybe it’s global warming or climate change or all the peanut butter? I don’t know but there has been a plethora of stupid things happening lately.

Tom Daschle doesn’t know he is supposed to pay those taxes. Really? The man works for the government. If anyone should know what taxes are to be paid he ought to. And isn’t he like the fifth or sixth guy to have some seriously stupid mistake in his recent history that prevents him from joining Obama’s team? I know Obama is a rock star but the shine isn’t going to last long. No one can be that high up without someone looking under his skirt. So to speak. Remember when Britney Spears was all that and a bag a chips? It didn’t take her too long to get knocked down several pegs.

Michael Phelps smoked pot
. Or he smokes pot, I’m not sure and I really don’t care. I don’t care if he takes a hit now and then but he is the star of the most recent Olympics and he plans on competing in the next one so he better have his peeps watching out for him. Normally I don’t think sports stars should be held up as role models, at least not anymore. You can thank baseball for that. Most sports stars aren’t stars becuase of thier abilities but because they have great agents. Even the great ones have skeletons in their closets and that’s fine but Michael Phelps has been milking the squeeky clean image and pot smoking, especially out of a beer bong, doesn’t fit the image. He will go on the apology circuit and everything will be fine but I don’t think we have heard the last of his scandals yet. Now that the door is open everyone will be jumping on this bandwagon.

The woman who had eight babies. Having eight babies is stupid. There is no excuse for having eight babies at different times or all at once. What’s even more stupid is having eight babies when you already have six other children and no partner to help with all those diaper changes. Not to mention the cost of raising 14 kids. I hear her parents are helping out but they just filed bankruptcy how much help can they afford to give? Even funnier was having Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8 get on the talk shows last night condeming this woman for having so many kids. I don’t know who is the pot or kettle but geez! I have two kids and they are more work than I want or need. I can’t afford them, I don’t have grandparents offering to babysit I don’t have an agent to schedule my stupid ass on talk shows and I don’t have book offers coming in. I love my kids but I can’t imagine having 12 more or even two more. This woman might rake in the dough for being so stupid but she still has 14 kids to raise and something tells me at least on of them will be working the pole when she is older.

I could talk about Blago ( I won’t attempt to spell his name) but if I had hair like that I’d do stupid things too and I would be extremely defensive, so his stupidity is almost understandable.

Christian Bale, I’m not even sure who he is so I don’t care about this one. He acted like I assume all actors and actresses act. Like everyone owes them something and they are special. Get over it and remember Britney.

Britney Spears hasn’t done anything stupid today but the day isn’t over and K-Fed is stupid that will last for a lifetime so she must be included at all times.

I’m not above doing stupid things. I did something incredibly stupid last week. I realized I can get my email on my cell phone so I set up both of my email accounts to copy to my phone. You know in case I am dashing from meeting to meeting with my agent and reps or I get tied up shopping or stuck in traffic or if I were to just leave my house. For those reasons. The problem is I don’t leave my house. I am always able to read my mail on my pc. Now I not only have to delete all the spam on my regular email accounts but I have to also do it on my phone as well. I didn’t need that extra twenty minutes each day so I thought I’d piss it away by giving me more meaningless tasks to accomplish at the end of the day. Can you all say Bonehead?