Like half the population (I have no statistics to support that claim) I started a lifestyle change on January 1st of this year. It was either radically change my diet or look into a career in Sumo Wrestling or gain a few more pounds and get lap band surgery (People actually do this! Women mostly, have been gaining weight so they can have weight loss surgery covered by their insurance.) but I don’t have it in me to wait six months for the surgery.

I’ve been doing the no carb thing again and am having a fair amount of success with it, though I would kill for a piece of chocolate. The weight is coming off easily enough but not without some major changes.

I never realized how many carbs I ate each day until I started counting. It’s a lot, way more than I would have guessed but when you close out the night eating crackers or pretzels (all the things we were told were healthier than ice cream, cream cheese, cheese and any food item with fat in it) it’s no surprise that the grams of carbs creeps up there. One slice of bread has 17 grams! The diet I am doing allows for 20 grams so bread is out. And that made me sad the first couple of days.

I cut out the carbs cold turkey. I figured if I can quit smoking cold turkey (going on six months now!) then I can quit carbohydrates cold turkey too. I’d still love a piece of chocolate but for the most part I don’t miss the carbs because I can eat BACON!!!

And I do eat bacon, lots of bacon. And I refuse to feel guilty about it so don’t leave any comments telling me I shouldn’t be having bacon. It’s bacon or chocolate.

After two full weeks on this high protein/ low carb diet I am proud to say I have lost 12 pounds (that’s nearly a pound a day) and all kinds of inches. The problem is I have lost inches in the one place I don’t want to lose inches. I suppose I could have breast implants surgery in lieu of bariatric surgery if insurance would cover it. I doubt I can get my doc to give a good reason for the implants though it’d be fun to see something like “due to deflation from dieting” in the orders.

Another place I worry about losing fat is on my face. Having an extra layer of fat on your face goes a long way in preventing, or at least minimizing, any wrinkles. I’ve actually looked into botox prices because while there was a time I was okay about the added character on my face now I’m not so much. I’ve spent a lot of years squinting because I refused to wear glasses so I have this wonderful crease between my eyebrows. I’m not happy about it but fear not having it will look just as bad as having it.

Anyway, it’s week three of my New Year’s Resolution and so far it’s going well. I miss sugar, a lot, but I have found I feel a lot better even if I would have preferred spending a night with Ben and Jerry I am liking the changes I have made so far.

How is your New Year’s Resolution coming along?


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