So I’m sitting here in my dealership waiting while they put the trailer hitch on my vehicle. I was told it would take about two hours so I brought my laptop and figured I’d get some blogging done. This was a good plan, I’d have nothing to do but write and I should be able to produce something.

Here’s the problem. The waiting area is really nice. The seats are leather and actually quiet comfortable. There is a fireplace, though it is not lit at the moment. Above the fireplace is a huge flat screen tv which happens to be on. It’s tuned to Showcase Minnesota which is a local talk show. I don’t usually watch tv in the daytime so I haven’t watched this show before though I have heard of it. Apparently it is a show made specifically for the aged news anchors of this town. I’m fascinated by day time tv. What happened to game shows?

Obviously the target audience is still stay at home moms. The kind of stay at home moms who don’t have to worry about money. I’ve seen nothing but segments on getting Katie Holmes’ hairstyle (why would anyone want to look as if they just rolled out of bed and as if they had licked their hand to hold down the bedhead is beyond me), how to make french toast. Really? We need a whole five minute segment on how to make french toast? Oh and how to get that manicured scruffy look for your man. This is why I don’t watch daytime tv.

Next to me is a couple who were smart enough to grab some breakfast at McDonald’s before they settled in for the long wait. The woman of this particular couple is considerably entertained by the commercials. Extremely entertained. Right now it is almost charming but I suspect in another half hour it will be supremely annoying. I’m already getting kinda sick smelling the Mickey D’s breakfast. In fact I might actually have to move soon.

Since I am not blogging about anything in particular I’ll catch you up on a few things.

The tooth has still not come out. She has however figured out how to eat so the tooth does not come out. She has decided that PB&J is soft enough to eat as long as I cut it up into little pieces. At first I was a little irritated by this but have since learned that cut up PB&J tastes better than a regular sandwich. I don’t know why but it does. The sandwich looks like more when it is cut up so I suspect I am saving a mess of calories eating it this way. And hopefully she is getting more than she had been by eating soup for the last week.

I have a broken water pipe. I turned on the outside faucet for the hose yesterday since we seem to be in a draught. We have to turn the hose faucet off in the winter or we will have burst pipes on the inside. The problem I have is on the outside of the house so no damage but I can’t use the hose until I fix about a foot worth of pipe. I called my brother to take a look at it and he actually came over to look and said that he would fix it this weekend. I’m perplexed by this act of his. He does not help me with household maintenance even though he happens to be a contractor. His position has been that I need to figure these kinds of things out on my own. Actually I know exactly what I need to do to fix this problem but he is convinced that I will actually make it worse when I try to take the pipe off. I’m okay with this, he’s probably right, so I am happy to let him fix it for me. It’s probably the only time he will do this kind of thing for me so I’m going to enjoy it.

I am concerned that now that I have fixed or replaced everything inside the house this past winter that it is now the outsides turn to break down. The grass on the east side of my front yard is curiously missing. On the west side it is all there, still a little brown from the winter and lack of water but the other side is just dirt. No sign of there ever having been grass. There was grass there last fall. I’m perplexed by this.

Ooh! They have a shuttle to Wal*Mart! I’m outta here.