US Bank still sucks and apparently they don’t care. Just google the words “US Bank Sucks” and you get tons of sites stating as much. I found this one particularity interesting

I called my branch office yesterday to see if they would reverse the $200 in charges. I actually got rather livid with the person. And it felt good. She said to me if I had come in the bank, and the banker knew me, we probably could have stopped this mess. That’s when I got a little livid. I won’t rehash it here. They reversed $75 worth of fees. Woohoo.

Today, the transaction that I paid with a credit card because it had been sent back was presented for the second time. It showed as “pending” on my account. It also brought me back down to below zero causing more fees. I called the bank, they said they couldn’t gaurantee it would be stopped since it had already been paid. They will also charge me $30 for the service.

Why the hell is it marked as “pending” then?

So I am in banking limbo until they update their system whatever the hell that means. Fuckers!

I’m thinking if they don’t turn this around I am printing up the list of “US Bank Sucks” and bringing it in there tomorrow. Saturdays are pretty busy for the bank.

What are they going to do? Close my account? Take away my birthday?

Bring it on!