Jonathan Yuhas, my local weatherman at Kare11, said this morning* that by the end of the week we could see some tulips poking through the ground.

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I don’t think so.

Temps aren’t supposed to be higher than the lower 50s with most nights still reaching the 30s. It was 17 F this morning. I know a lot of you people in the rest of the country are having spring, but here in Minnesota it’s a crap shoot. Sometimes we get a spring and sometimes we go from winter to summer in one weekend. It sucks, I don’t know why I live here.

*Jonathan might have said by next week and it might rain which would make the snow melt faster. And in all fairness, I hadn’t had any coffee when I heard him talk about tulips.


Shortly after I published this post I received an email from my esteemed Minnesota weatherman, Jonathan Yuhas, saying the following

Every year, no matter how tough the Winter, areas that face the sun all day will usually see the first tulip plants just popping through the soil.  It’s not the daytime highs it’s the angle of the sun heating the soil telling those tulips to wake up.  Many trees have already set buds and believe it or not things will be Springing up fast the next few weeks.  Metro lawns will green up fast this year because long winter snow pack did not allow a deep frost line so we should have green lawns by April 15 and lilacs usually bloom about Mom’s Day ( early May ).  Jonathan Yuhas  KARE 🙂

Obviously Jonathan is not a regular reader of my blog because he felt the need to point out when Mother’s Day is (like I don’t know), though he completely redeemed himself with the use of the smiley at the end of his email. I responded to his email with this:

Could you say that on my blog?

I wasn’t dissing you, just so you know. My backyard just doesn’t look anything like Kare’s backyard. But seriously, doesn’t it help if the snow is gone first?


To which he responded:

Hi Jen – I was hoping you could copy that to your blog, for some reason my would not take on your site and no worries I did not think you were dissing me – I have been in the biz a long time and I am flattered you would quote me on your site.  Yes the snow needs to be gone but you will be surprised by Thursday how much snow especially the sides facing the south is gone.  JY

So you heard it here fellow Minnesotans, the snow will be almost gone by Thursday. I will be taking another picture on Thursday to compare it to today’s picture. If I can’t see my grass, or at least the dog poop (I’m not expecting those 7 ft snowpiles from shoveling to be gone), I fully expect Mr. Yuhas to stand on one leg for the duration of his forecast on Friday (I don’t really expect Jonathan to stand on one leg during his forecast, he is far too respectable to do something like that, however, Pete has been known to do some wacky things and he could always make the new guy, Jerrid, do this as some kind of hazing ritual, I’m flexible, a shout out naming my blog would be way cool too).

Now that I think about it, Bea seems like the obvious choice for the shout out since she does all web related things. I wouldn’t expect her to stand on one leg during her segment because she is only shown at her desk and you can’t see her feet, but she could link to my blog from her blog.

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