I’m a sucker for a good top whatever list, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty tips. I’ve gleaned some good pieces of information that I’ve put to use. But man are there some really bad beauty tips out there. Like what were these people thinking?! So here are the ones that have made my top of of worst pieces of beauty advice from the internets – enjoy!

Bad Beauty Tips

Top 5 Bad Beauty Tips

1.Use Petroleum Jelly As A Cheap Wrinkle Reducer
WTF?! No. If this actually worked we would all be walking around a greasy hot mess 24/7 365 and all look like we were 21. Petroleum Jelly will help hold in moisture and temporarily make those fine lines appear to be fading fast. But there are not going away anytime soon. You can’t throw away that Peter Thomas Roth eye cream yet girl.

2. Purchase The Trial Size Of An Item To Save Money
I’ve seen a lot of articles recommending to purchase the trial size of a beauty product to save money and also to ensure that you will go through it during its recommended shelf life. We have all succumbed to the “Sephora Gauntlet” at the end of the registers at one time or another and there are many a former employee that will tell you to just buy the full size and that it is a much better value. And if you are making one of those little tubes of mascara stretch for three months – you need to re-evaluate your love of makeup entirely.

3. Clean Up Your Skin With Primer – Not Makeup Remover
Unless you have a beauty box subscription habit like we do, you probably don’t have a stack of primer samples laying around to make this practical. And though I take my eye makeup off at night, I need to do a round two in the morning….I like mascara….a lot. Primer isn’t going to do the trick. For that quick morning cleanup and prep, really save some money and use some liquid coconut oil.

4. Add Contact Solution To Your Mascara To Make It Less Clumpy And Flakey
*Sigh* If you are to this point – for the love of puppies, throw it out. It is old, wanting to pass on, and probably FULL OF BACTERIA! Please don’t be patient 0 of the zombie apocalypse. Buy new mascara.

5. Do _________ To Shrink Your Pores
Not gonna happen. Scientifically proven that pore size is genetically determined. Some things are going to make them temporarily appear smaller. You are probably better though shellacking those babies in with a pore refiner.