You know who they are but you never catch them in the act. They are the pen thieves of this world who rob us of great writing apparatuses and then act as if they didn’t have anything to do with the crime.

Paper Mate, the makers of the worlds most stolen pen the InkJoy, are doing all they can to prevent pen theft. You may not realize its severity, but pen theft in the work place is rampant! 70% of office workers report that their pens have gone missing! I suspect that number is under reported.

As a former pen thief who has stolen some of the best pens from the DMV and my physical therapy clinic I can say with certainty that if more people employed the security systems that Paper Mate has suggested we might not have such an epidemic of pen theft.

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Paper Mate sent me a safe to keep my InkJoy pens from being stolen. The even sent me a reinforced cable to keep the safe firmly attached to something that isn’t going anywhere, like a radiator or other heavy fixture.

These pens are worth stealing. They write smooth and have a nice weight to them which is hard to come by when stealing pens nowadays. Most companies purchase cheap pens that usually have spotty ink and are too light to write well. They aren’t worth stealing but when there aren’t better options you take what you can get. If you get the opportunity to try an InkJoy pen by PaperMate don’t steal it. I would hate to be responsible for more pen theft. Though, they are totally worth the consequences.

If you want to call out a pen thief stop by the Paper Mate page on Facebook and enter to win $2500 and an InkJoy pen!

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