This is about The Walking Dead Cliffhanger that sucked so there are lots and lots of SPOILERS.

If you haven’t seen the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead, you really aren’t missing anything. Most of the 90 minutes episode was Rick and his gang driving all over the backroads of Virginia trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop for medical treatment.

There were a ton of commercials, too.

This was one of the stupidest episodes of The Walking Dead so that they turned it into a cliffhanger is really no surprised. They basically painted themselves into a corner and now they have 7 months to figure out how they’re going to get out of it.

Episode Last Day on Earth Recap

Maggie is cramping and they are worried she is going to lose the baby so they take her to see the doctor at the Hilltop community. Of course Rick knows the Saviors are probably going to come for a fight so what does he do? He piles all the key characters into the Winnebago and hits the road. This is with the full knowledge that his best fighters are out looking for Daryl, and Morgan is out looking for Carol. Rick is not aware that Daryl, Rosita, Michonne, and Glenn have been captured by Dwight and that Daryl has been shot by Dwight.

So by all means take your best warriors, the pregnant woman, the kid with one eye and the coward of the county on a joyride through the woods when you know the baddest motherfucker is out there waiting for you and your people because you’ve slaughtered two groups of their people¬†already.

Negan is Hot

They could have delivered the last 20 minutes of the show and it wouldn’t have taken anything away from it. Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is a long winded villain. He goes on and on about how he has to kill one of the Alexandrians. He over explains himself but appears to be scaring the crap out of Rick who really does look like he might wet his pants. If he weren’t so hot I’d have been upset about his long winded speech.

Did I mention Negan is hot?

In the final minutes of the show Negan makes his choice and splatters the brains of one of our people all over the camera lens. We just don’t know who it is. In the final scene the camera takes the point of view of the charactered who is killed and it looks like whoever it is can see Abraham in his view, as if he is sitting across from him. I’ve tried to find the scene online but it’s been cut out of the ones I’ve found.

Based on who was sitting where it could be Eugene, Glenn, Daryl or Michonne (I think). I have no idea who it was but whoever it was that was killed by Negan last night, its impact will be completely diluted after waiting 7 months to find out.

I’m actually hoping it isn’t Eugene since he seems to be about the only one who has any brains in the group, though clearly not enough to stop anyone from piling into the RV and meeting their fate head on.

Do you Care?

It’s a good thing they chose Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Negan because really, he was the only thing worth watching last night. In The Talking Dead Scott Gimple gushed about what a great episode it was and how it set up season 7 so well. Maybe, but the death that he says the season is built upon has lost any impact it might have had. This season may or may not have been about screwing with the audience, but the storytelling is lacking.

That said, I thought it was a great season and maybe they just overhyped this episode and there was simply no way to live up to it. Still, either hubris or just plain stupidity seems to have done in one of the main characters.

Oh, and Morgan finally killed someone.

Who do you think Negan killed with his baseball bat last night? Do you care who he killed? Will you keep watching the show?