I caught a little of the inauguration event last night, I guess it was called the Lincoln Memorial concert. Geez, there were a lot of people on the mall. Is this something new? Have we always had a huge party before the actual inauguration?

I watched Tom Hanks, he sort of put me to sleep. Marissa Tomai also spoke and again I wasn’t really paying attention to what she said. The background kept moving as she spoke. I couldn’t figure out if she was moving or the backdrop was. It was a little odd and disquieting.

I caught a few of the acts. Some I even knew, like John Cougar, Garth Brooks and Stevie Wonder. I know John Cougar doesn’t like to be called that any more, he’s John Mellencamp now but when I first knew him, Jack and Diane, he was John Cougar. He will remain that way to me.

Someone needs to get Garth Brooks a larger pair of pants. I don’t need to know his religion.

Bruce Springsteen is in need of a laxative, this should have been addressed before the show.

Who was in charge of Stevie? Whoever they were they weren’t paying attention. He was turned around the wrong way for a good portion of his gig. It was hard to watch, I started shouting at the TV “Turn Stevie around! Turn Stevie around!” My son came running up from his room asking me what I was so upset about.

The first family-to-be was groovin’ to the music and it was fun to see them having a great time. However, it looked cold and there were an awful lot of people. This is why I will never run for any kind of office. They expect you to participate in these kinds of events, it’s even mandatory sometimes. I wouldn’t want to go and be there. I’d be much happier on the couch making fun of everyone on stage. I don’t suppose Michelle or Barack whispered snarky comments to each other. I don’t think you are allowed to do that when you hold the highest office in the free world.