When I learned that the History Channel was going to be airing three nights of Hatfields and McCoys I was thrilled. I didn’t even know that Kevin Costner was involved in the project and still I was thrilled. You know, Kevin Costner of Dances with Wolves and “If you build it, they will come” fame?

I was expecting a lot before I knew he was starring and producing and basically the driving force behind the project. So, just like when HBO aired John Adams, I was looking forward to several days of history I had missed when I was in high school.

Sadly, I was expecting more of this

Flintstones Hatrocks and McCoys, Hatfields and McCoys, History Channel Hatfields and McCoys

The Flintstones Hanna-Barbera

than this

History Channel Hatfields and McCoys

History Channel Hatfields and McCoys

The problem with a three night mini series in the era of the internet is that no one has three days or 6 hours to watch a story about family arguing over a pig.

In today’s modern age feuds like this are settled on Family Feud.

The right way.

Sadly, the History Channel’s Hatfields and McCoys has too many people in it. I can’t keep any of them straight. It took me two nights to figure out that Kevin Costner was a Hatfield.

I really wanted to love this mini series, the problem is/was the feud is so stupid that even a hundred and some odd years can’t make any more sense of it. So far, the Flintstones version has been the most respectful and Family Feud at least tried to resolve the whole thing.

I understand Dallas has been reworked and will air next month. It might not be The Hatfields and McCoys but at least I can tell the difference between Bobby and JR.

What do you think, did you watch this mini series?


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