The GOP better get their shit together, and fast. It should have been no surprise to anyone that there will be no criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for the very careless handling of classified information, and unless the GOP really prefers Hillary to Trump, they need to get their shit together. And fast.

Hillary was never going to be indicted. Never. The woman is a Clinton and that means she too, is teflon. Nothing will stick to her. Even when James Comey, the F.B.I. director, who spoke yesterday about the F.B.I findings said that she acted extremely careless in using a private email server he also stated that “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

The sticking point seemed to be the word ‘intent’. The F.B.I couldn’t determine that it was her intent to act recklessly.

Not that it was ever an issue with other people facing similar charges. Basically, the law was reworded because … I don’t know why.

Maybe it had something to do with the meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch?

Maybe the powers that be are so afraid of a Trump presidency that they will do anything to have a viable candidate in the race against him. God knows the people already pissed off about Bernie Sanders and how he was screwed over. Maybe they realized they couldn’t bring in Uncle Joe without a revolt and thus decided it was simply safer to keep Hillary on the stump?

Maybe the F.B.I really doesn’t think they could reasonably prosecute such a case? Other cases have been dropped for the same reason, even when it is clear the person is guilty as sin.

Worse yet, it probably wouldn’t make any difference. She’d probably still win the election because the people willing to vote for her are already willing to vote for her.

Email, shmemail!

The GOP Better Get Their Shit Together!

On the same day it was announced charges would not be filed against Hillary Clinton for careless use of an email server and passing on over a hundred classified emails (even though she said she did not), Hillary Clinton and President Obama we on the campaign trail. The Obama campaign machine is getting fired up and the GOP better get out of the way because even though they had 8 years to prepare for this, they aren’t.

Nope, the GOP has been fighting losing battles about principle and doing the right thing and following the rules (everyone following the same rules), while the DEMs have been treating their constituency like idiots for decades. And it’s working. Dumming down society has been a brilliant plan for the left. It doesn’t matter that many of the core policies they push have done nothing to help the people they are meant to help. Though they certainly keep politicians employed.

The GOP needs to start using the left’s playbook if they want to win. Or, they should just let Trump completely off the leash.

Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t stand the idea of a Trump presidency. But Hillary is not the lesser of two evils in my eyes. She’s actually no different than Trump. While Trump seems to revel in the chaos he creates, he never backs down about who he is. He’s proud of what he has done in business and in this political race. As he should be.

Success used to mean something different than it does now. It used to be okay to be successful, in fact it was something most of had great hopes of achieving. Not so much anymore.

It’s okay for Hillary to be successful because she’s a public servant. It’s not for her, it’s for the kids.

Because Trump is in it for himself, his success is bad.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this. I did not expect criminal charges. I remember the 90s all too well. I remember driving through the Black Hills of South Dakota listening to the impeachment of Bill Clinton and thinking to myself – while this is horrible for the country, we should not tolerate an elected official who believes he can lie to the American people without repercussions.

I don’t know what the GOP should do, but I do know if they don’t get their shit together and fast they are going to be steamrolled by Hillary and the Obama machine just like they have for the last two elections. There’s no more whining, no more licking their wounds, no more excuses. Unless you want another 8 years of lies, carelessness and recklessness it’s time to get real about this election.