Well all the worry was for nothing. My daughter did just fine today on her first day of Kindergarten. She did indeed have the “deer in the headlights’ look to her but it passed very quickly. When I picked her up after school she was excited but tired. There are no naps in kindergarten. All of the kindergartners were rubbing their eyes while they waited for mom or dad to pick them up. Hopefully the parents and children will get a good night sleep tonight.

My daughter met a new friend today and she was actually able to remember her name. For the longest time it seemed when she played with the neighbor girls she had no idea what their names were even though she declared them both her best friends.

I packed a lunch for my daughter last night. She had been used to bringing a lunch since her pre-school did not provide lunches. I thought it would be an easier transition if we kept some of the routine the same. She has also become a bit of a picky eater and I wanted to make sure she ate today. When I asked her how her day was she said it was perfect except she didn’t like lunch because she didn’t get a tray. She was also irritated that she didn’t get to ride the school bus. I explained to her that we live to close to the school for the school bus to drive her to school. She suggested that we move.

All in all it went much better than I expected. I didn’t see anyone crying. Not even the parents.