The Walking Dead is Back!!

I'm so excited for the return of The Walking Dead I can't even express my excitement. AMC has been showing the last three seasons this weekend and I've caught most of it. Binge watching The Walking Dead is probably the best way to see it. With all the breaks in the season it's easy to forget what happened in the episode or two before. Everything

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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I've been thinking a lot about zombie attacks lately. Maybe because Halloween is just a couple of weeks away (seriously, when did summer end?) and because lately I have seen more and more of those stick family stickers with zombies. You know, the stickers that perky people put on their back car window to show off their family? At least that's how I look it

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My daughter kept repeating the word danger as she looked out the window over our back yard. Someone had left the gate only part way hitched. Daughter is deathly afraid that her beloved Stanley will get out so I'm not surprised she had noticed this. I figured when we took the tire off the truck and rolled it to the front to put in the


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