Have you Tried Green Works?

Many of you know that I'm old school when it comes to cleaning. I use harsh chemical abrasives that get the grime off but also ruin my hands and make my eyes water. I use these products because I want to be sure my house is clean. With children and pets the house can get kinda messy and I want to be sure my home

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Road Rage in the Grocery Store and Happy Goat Soap

I hate going to the grocery store. There are three grocery stores in my neighborhood. There is the fancy dancy, hip, carpeted grocery store where the parking lot is filled with Mercedi and Lexi, the food is overpriced and the people who shop there like everyone else to think they have a lot of money because they are happy to spend four times what everyone

Road Rage in the Grocery Store and Happy Goat Soap2009-03-23T12:20:00-05:00

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