Freedom According to Thomas Jefferson and me

I'm no political wiz but today was a sad day. I don't begin to judge the wisdom of the Supreme Court, from what I have heard they did what they should have done. My issue is that our freedom and liberty is slowly being chipped away by our own government. Never a good thing. I would love to have affordable health care for everyone but

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Top 5 tips and tricks to train, exercise, and better your brain

Repetition is the father of learning.  Your brain is a muscle and you have to exercise it just like any other muscle in the body.  And just like physical exercise, you need proper form to maximize your gains.  When it comes down to it, learning is a basic three-step process: take in data, turn it into information and then using that information repetitively so that

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Talk Dirty To Me

Do you talk dirty to your spouse, significant other or FWB (friend with benefits)? Is it something you both like to do or is one of you more into it? I ask because when not expected it can throw the whole thing. Years ago I was with this guy, a friend I had known for decades. A platonic friendship mainly because we were

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