Someone Dreamed About Me

Image via Wikipedia And not in a creepy way. I was going to post a picture of the dead things my cat killed and left on the deck, because I can't identify them and thought you might be able to, but then I got this email and that bumped the dead things post. I had a dream with you in it last night. GPop, Son,

Someone Dreamed About Me2010-07-12T09:10:56-05:00

It’s a Def Leppard day

I was all set to talk about Canadians today but I got stuck in traffic so my Canadian post will have to wait until Monday. I love Def Leppard. There is no better band to rock out to in a car or anywhere you can play the music really loud. With arm or without these guys can rock. I went to several of their concerts

It’s a Def Leppard day2010-04-16T13:25:56-05:00

The Cabin

Our cabin in is western Wisconsin, right over the boarder north of the Twin Cities. We've had the cabin since the early 70's and have remodeled it a couple of times from a simple cabin to a house that is considerably larger and nicer than my own. Since my father died a few years ago we haven't gone up as much as we should so

The Cabin2009-05-27T11:49:00-05:00

It’s Time For Me To Get A Life

It is yet another Friday night. The daughter is with her dad and the boy is out with friends. I'm watching Independence Day for the 354 time this winter. If I weren't watching Independence Day I would be watching Die Hard or Armageddon. All great movies if you like that kind of thing but I've seen them enough this winter. I need a date. I

It’s Time For Me To Get A Life2009-03-13T19:06:00-05:00

Twin Cities, we aren’t that stupid are we?

The powers that be in Minneapolis and St. Paul have decided to rename the Twin Cities "Minneapolis St. Paul More to Life". They spent 1.5 million to come up with and then market that really stupid slogan. What the hell are they smoking? This has to be one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. Apparently there are several "Twin Cities" and confusion

Twin Cities, we aren’t that stupid are we?2020-07-10T20:28:59-05:00

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