Indestructible Dog Toys

We go through a lot of dog toys around here. Ruby, the lab/boxer/pitbull puppy can destroy any dog toy within minutes. I've searched high and low for a dog toy that lasts longer than one day. I'd also like to find one that doesn't make a mess. This is the cow toy with another toy inside. It's got a tennis ball on a rope inside

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Zhu Zhu Pets and Barbies

Today was my daughter's birthday party. We had four little girls over for KFC and cake. We also had a pinata which no one but ex#2 could crack.   Daughter scored two Zhu Zhu pets, a wheel for them to run on, and a couple of Barbies. One of the Barbies was rather classy with designer shoes and a designer bag, she even had a

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Has it really come to this?

I was all set to make a salmon with lime and corn salsa for dinner but ran out of time and tin foil so I asked the kids and they decided McDonald's was the answer. My daughter wanted a Happy Meal and son wanted everything else. The toy for the Happy Meal is some American Idol thing that will be forgotten before the meal is

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Sitemeter and sex toys.

I put Sitemeter on two of my blogs. I am first of all amazed that I get as much traffic as I do. I am saddened that most are just lurking. What amazes me is that I have people from Tehran visiting. That is amazing. Just think, I am writing stuff that Iranians are reading. What a cool thing that is. At least I hope

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