An Open Letter to Scott Gimple Re: The Walking Dead

Dear Scott Gimple Do you hate us? Do you have the Walking Dead fans? Do you hate the Walking Dead Universe? Do you hate Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero and all the other creative people involved in this show? Seriously, dude, what the heck is your deal? I love TWD. I came to the show late, and have only glanced at the comics, but the

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Walking Dead Recipes – Carol’s Casserole

I'm starting a new feature called Walking Dead Recipes. This week's Walking Dead Recipe is Carol's Casserole.  Casseroles, or hot dish as we call them in Minnesota, are the perfect dish for those living in the zombie apocalypse. They're usually made with whatever happens to be on hand and often utilizing canned ingredients that might be about to expire.  Walking Dead Recipes - Carol's Casserole

Walking Dead Recipes – Carol’s Casserole2018-02-25T16:05:35-06:00

Did The Walking Dead Jump the Shark?

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, you might wonder did The Walking Dead Jump the Shark with it's recent plot twist? ***Spoiler Alert*** If you haven't seen the mid season finale from December 2017 of the Walking Dead (Season 8, Episode 8), you'll want to see that before reading on as I will be talking about one major spoiler. Okay, if you're still

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Black Panther Review

This would be my official Black Panther review, but I have not seen the movie yet. Not because I was holding off on seeing it as suggested by Aliza Worthington in a recent Medium post - "Black Panther" Is Not For Us, White People - but because I went to the wrong theater. I really want to see it, but I don't usually go to

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This Is Us and that Damn Crock-Pot

First of all --- Spoilers!!! If you haven't seen or heard about This is Us and that Damn Crock-Pot yet then just move on to another post. You might want to try my Reuben Balls Recipe, it's pretty awesome and you don't need a Crock-Pot to make.  If you're like most people and you've seen the most recent episode of This Is Us, then you've

This Is Us and that Damn Crock-Pot2018-01-26T13:19:41-06:00

The Anticipation is Killing Me!

The anticipation is killing me. I'm not even sure that's the right word, but I simply can't wait much longer to find out who will win this election. Sure, I'm almost 100% certain it will be Hillary Clinton, but by the way the internet is acting (and her surrogates and the media are overreacting) one might get the impression the race is a lot closer than

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