Where Does The Walking Dead Go From Here?

After last night's brutal episode, where does The Walking Dead go from here? SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven't watched the series premier of episode 7 and don't know what happened, then hit the back button now and back away. This post is filled with predictions for where the show will go and also filled with spoilers about what has happened so far. You've been warned.

Where Does The Walking Dead Go From Here?2016-10-24T11:17:06-05:00

Who Does Negan Kill on The Walking Dead? (Spoilers)

Who does Negan kill on The Walking Dead this Sunday? If you don't want to know, then stop reading now. I mean it, stop reading, go check out The Onion or rewatch the final presidential debate you can come back Sunday to see if I was right This is your last warning. ***** Spoilers***** Of course, I do not know for sure who Negan kills, but I

Who Does Negan Kill on The Walking Dead? (Spoilers)2016-10-21T21:44:02-05:00

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