Osama bin Laden Dead and Buried at Sea

I turned on the TV last night to catch the weather, before going to bed (chance of snow, thanks Jonathan), I had been reading an actual book so it took my eyes a moment to focus on the TV screen where I saw "Osama bin Laden Killed".   Osama bin Laden had been off my radar for a while. I really didn't think we were

Osama bin Laden Dead and Buried at Sea2011-05-02T10:41:00-05:00

Stop Trying To Bomb New York City!

For crying out loud terrorists, stop trying to bomb New York City! Why do you hate us so much? When I say 'us' I don't really mean us since I don't live anywhere near NYC, but I do mean 'us' as in U.S. Stop it, you're pissing me off. Midtown Manhattan is closed at the moment because of a suspicious cooler left on the street.

Stop Trying To Bomb New York City!2010-05-07T13:20:41-05:00

Sitemeter and sex toys.

I put Sitemeter on two of my blogs. I am first of all amazed that I get as much traffic as I do. I am saddened that most are just lurking. What amazes me is that I have people from Tehran visiting. That is amazing. Just think, I am writing stuff that Iranians are reading. What a cool thing that is. At least I hope

Sitemeter and sex toys.2008-04-13T21:22:00-05:00

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