Questions That Are Too Stupid To Ask Google

You know that old saying "There are no stupid questions only stupid answers/people"? Well I am here to tell you there are stupid questions, a lot of them. Presumably the are asked on Google by stupid people and inevitably they end up on my blog. Do redheads make good parents? I get why they are here, I'm a redhead and I write a

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What is Wrong with People?

What the hell is wrong with people? Is there something in the water? Maybe it's global warming or climate change or all the peanut butter? I don't know but there has been a plethora of stupid things happening lately.Tom Daschle doesn't know he is supposed to pay those taxes. Really? The man works for the government. If anyone should know what taxes are to be

What is Wrong with People?2009-02-04T06:54:00-06:00

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