eHarmony Fail

A year ago I tried eHarmony. It didn't work and I canceled my membership but occasionally they send me profiles in the hopes that I will read something that strikes my fancy. I could remove my name from their list but you never know, they might send me a profile that interests me. So far they have only sent me blog fodder. In my profile

eHarmony Fail2010-08-24T13:52:37-05:00

What Does This One Mean?

I don't usually remember my dreams. I know I have them, I majored in psychology in college and learned all about REM sleep and that we enter into several times each night. The thing is I rarely remember my dreams. It seems when I do remember dreams they come in clusters. I go for weeks without a dream, at least it seems that

What Does This One Mean?2010-02-26T09:34:23-06:00

Sound Financial Planning

Daughter: What can you buy for $5? Me: I don't know, do you have $5? Daughter: No, but I will when I win the Trix Yogurt prize under the lid. Me: We don't have Trix Yogurt. Daughter: We could go buy some with the $5 I'm going to win. ## Before I was able to post this she asked me this. Daughter: Mom, how many

Sound Financial Planning2010-01-04T17:40:05-06:00

Garage Sale

I need to have a garage sale. I desperately need to have a garage sale. Somewhere along the line I was designated the keeper of things in our family. Probably because I am the only one who is not a pack rat and I have the room. I don't anymore. Sure I have hung onto my roller skates and my vinyl records even though I

Garage Sale2009-05-12T09:30:00-05:00

Yucatan Guacamole so good even the French eat it.

I just opened a container of guacamole, Yucatan Guacamole to be exact. With a name like Yucatan I expect it to be made south of the border. Possibly near the Yucatan Peninsula. On the inside of the lid is a little explanation of the guacamole dip. A couple sentences about the finest ingredients and all that. Underneath that is presumably the same few sentences in

Yucatan Guacamole so good even the French eat it.2009-03-09T06:16:00-05:00

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