How to Drive in Snow

Now more than ever it's important to learn how to drive in snow. This past weekend a good chunk of the nation received several inches, if not feet, of snow. In fact, 49 of 5o states have been affected by this massive storm. Not every state is covered in snow, but there are many places that don't normally see snow who are now forced to navigate

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Preparing for a Snowstorm like Snowstorm Goliath

If you're from the Midwest or North Eastern parts of the country you probably know how to prepare for a snowstorm. We've been hearing about Snowstorm Goliath for the last week now and let's hope it isn't a bust because at this point most people have stocked their shelves with extra bread, milk, eggs and booze. Thankfully it's winter break or many of us would

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How to Prepare for and Survive a Minnesota Winter

It's coming, sooner than we'd hoped but just about on schedule, really. The powers that be at the weather center are predicting a Polar Vortex in the next 48 hours. Montana is expected to reach a low of -9 while places in the Midwest, including Minnesota, are expecting a foot of snow by Tuesday. If you're from other parts of the country and you're not

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Snow, Snow and more Snow

Less than two weeks ago I actually said (back when we had nothing but grass and temperatures above freezing) that I though we might have a mild winter. It's my fault, I jinxed it, I take full responsibility. About a week after I made that stupid prediction it's been snowing ever since and the temperature has barely crawled above 0. Zero! Thankfully I have a

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Will We Have a White Christmas in the Twin Cities?

No. No, we will not be having a white christmas this year. There will be no snow in the Twin Cities metro area this year. According to all the local weather people the chance of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area getting any snow before Christmas is about none. In fact, most of Minnesota is without snow right now and will be for the holiday.  There might

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Are You Ready for Winter?

I'm not. I'm in complete denial that it's coming this year. I know the east coast has already had a huge snowstorm but over here in Minnesota it's 58 degrees, sunny and not a bit of snow. And I am loving it! I'm not prepared for winter but my daughter is. Since November 1st she has been wearing her winter jacket to and from school. She

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Minnesota: Where Winter Never Ends

This is what I woke up to this morning. I'm getting really sick of snow. I know I live in Minnesota and it's a snowy place but even we shouldn't be getting snow in late April. The latest date I can recall it snowing in Minnesota is May 7th. I think it was 1997 because I went to a John Cougar Mellencamp concert that night

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Make it Stop!!!!

I am so sick of winter I can't even express myself properly. Last week we had temperatures in the 50s, it was awesome and melted a ton of snow. Here are the before the melting took place pictures Yes, that is dog poop. We had so much snow back in December we had to shovel out a path for the dog. The ladder is there

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How To Drive in the Winter

  With half the country covered in snow it's time to, once again, explain how to drive on snow covered roads. As a Minnesota blogger who happens to drive occasionally I feel it is my duty to share with you the winter driving rules as I see them. These winter driving tips should be self evident but apparently they are not because I manage to

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It’s Here!

Talk about Karma smacking me in the ass. My last post I made the mistake of saying it had been unseasonably warm and thus I was not yet into the holiday spirit. Smack! It's here and I'm not ready. There is a big pile of leaves in my backyard that were supposed to be raked the day this storm hit. I should actually be thankful

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