How I Tamed the Snowblower Beast

If we still had minstrels they'd write a song about how I tamed the snowblower beast - all by myself no less. As a Minnesota blogger I take on most of my tasks with the idea that I will probably write about them. Usually something goes wrong and it's worthwhile to take a few pictures and have a laugh or two at my expense. I

How I Tamed the Snowblower Beast2014-11-11T15:59:13-06:00

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Less than two weeks ago I actually said (back when we had nothing but grass and temperatures above freezing) that I though we might have a mild winter. It's my fault, I jinxed it, I take full responsibility. About a week after I made that stupid prediction it's been snowing ever since and the temperature has barely crawled above 0. Zero! Thankfully I have a

Snow, Snow and more Snow2013-12-10T11:15:36-06:00

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