Does the NoNo! Hair Removal System Really Work

If you're like me you've wondered about the NoNo! hair removal system that is all over home shopping networks and late night TV. Does the NoNo! Hair Removing System really work and more importantly how does the NoNo! work? I wondered that too because I am always looking for an easier way to have smooth legs without stubble the next day. I love the way my

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As my son was leaving the house for school this morning he said "Mom, pick me up an electric shaver and some Axe aftershave." My first thought was to give him the tweezers since my son gets his hair from his dad's side of the family. His dad has never been able to grow a beard or anything resembling a beard. When he tried in


Can someone explain it to me?

It's Monday and I have a question that I must find the answer to: Why do stores such as Walgreen's and CVS put razor blades in locked display cases? I don't get this. I can buy condoms, personal lubricants, I can by all sorts of medications, I can purchase $30.00 exfoliating cream but I have to get an assistant (or "team member", that's a later

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