It’s Time For Me To Get A Life

It is yet another Friday night. The daughter is with her dad and the boy is out with friends. I'm watching Independence Day for the 354 time this winter. If I weren't watching Independence Day I would be watching Die Hard or Armageddon. All great movies if you like that kind of thing but I've seen them enough this winter. I need a date. I

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Hillary Clinton and Mickey Mouse

A friend of mine, who after just 25 years of knowing me, realized I was a conservative. He actually called me a "Dittohead” which I am not and took considerable offense to, but I did fess up to being a conservative. He asked me why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton assuming of course that no conservative in their right mind would vote for Hillary

Hillary Clinton and Mickey Mouse2008-01-30T12:16:00-06:00

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