What’s Under Your Couch?

This is Ruby's toy box.  As you can see it's empty. I buy her a lot of toys and she gets all of the toys that Stanley gets because he doesn't like toys. She got some great dog toys for Christmas and even takes all the cat toys. This dog is not wanting for toys, I promise you. So why aren't there any dog toys

What’s Under Your Couch?2014-01-09T16:19:48-06:00

Indestructible Dog Toys

We go through a lot of dog toys around here. Ruby, the lab/boxer/pitbull puppy can destroy any dog toy within minutes. I've searched high and low for a dog toy that lasts longer than one day. I'd also like to find one that doesn't make a mess. This is the cow toy with another toy inside. It's got a tennis ball on a rope inside

Indestructible Dog Toys2023-03-16T12:35:36-05:00

Bad Dog

File this under I Should Have Known Better. I put away all the remotes, coasters, books and anything else that was lying around at puppy eye level. I've learned my lesson, I thought, as I picked up my daughter's favorite teddy bear and locked it in her room for safe keeping. Then I left the house to go to the Y for a quick work

Bad Dog2012-12-12T13:08:14-06:00

Stupid Pet Tricks

  I'll probably get sued for using that title but I live on the edge. This video is what happens when you have an overly affectionate puppy and an old dog who does not like public displays of affection.

Stupid Pet Tricks2012-10-08T13:27:24-05:00

Keaton and Ruby

This is Keaton (the boy's cat who is visiting) and Ruby (new puppy) who are fighting over one of Keaton's toys. Keaton arrived the day before Ruby did. When we got Ruby she was smaller than Keaton and Keaton had the advantage. Now she is twice the size of the cat and can easily tackle Keaton. For your viewing pleasure.

Keaton and Ruby2012-08-22T14:24:39-05:00

Ruby Sparks FREE Sneak Peek Preview at the Lagoon in Minneapolis

Make your way to the Landmark Lagoon Theater in Minneapolis this coming Monday to get a FREE sneak peek of the new movie Ruby Sparks. Ruby Sparks is the story of a novelist struggling with writer's block until he finds romance in a most unusual way: by creating a female character he thinks will love him, then willing her into existence. Ruby Sparks is from

Ruby Sparks FREE Sneak Peek Preview at the Lagoon in Minneapolis2012-07-13T13:32:01-05:00

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