How To Drive in the Winter

  With half the country covered in snow it's time to, once again, explain how to drive on snow covered roads. As a Minnesota blogger who happens to drive occasionally I feel it is my duty to share with you the winter driving rules as I see them. These winter driving tips should be self evident but apparently they are not because I manage to

How To Drive in the Winter2011-02-03T15:30:20-06:00

It’s Here!

Talk about Karma smacking me in the ass. My last post I made the mistake of saying it had been unseasonably warm and thus I was not yet into the holiday spirit. Smack! It's here and I'm not ready. There is a big pile of leaves in my backyard that were supposed to be raked the day this storm hit. I should actually be thankful

It’s Here!2010-11-16T09:02:48-06:00

I’d Like To Interrupt Your Winter

With a little bit of summer. These were taken at the cabin last summer. I miss summer. I was reminded of the cabin last night when I read this post on Theta Mom. I wrote a comment that turned into a post. It was way too long for a comment so I scrapped it and wrote something a little shorter. Theta Mom was talking about

I’d Like To Interrupt Your Winter2010-02-11T11:43:33-06:00

The Real Drivers Course

Well, you will all be happy to know that you are safe on the road for another two weeks. Son took his drivers license test again and has to try again in two weeks. Third times a charm right? This time he aced the parking bits but turned the wrong way on a one way road and that is an automatic fail. He knew the

The Real Drivers Course2009-03-12T12:07:00-05:00

There is a special place in hell for…

People who refuse to use their blinkers. I can't read your fucking mind so please use the turn signals that came standard on your vehicle. People who ride up on my ass while driving on black ice. I don't know why these people do this but they are usually talking on their cell phone at the time. If I knew they had insurance I would

There is a special place in hell for…2009-01-16T20:17:00-06:00

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