It’s Like They Didn’t Even Try

I really wanted to love Dove Beauty Refillable Deodorant, but it's like they didn't even try. It has everything you could want in a consumable product. And by 'consumable' I mean something you use over and over again until it runs out and you buy more, not because you eat it. It's adorable, it smells nice, it's compact, it has a slick design, it's eco

It’s Like They Didn’t Even Try2021-05-04T11:17:43-05:00

2019 Year in Review

It's the end of the year, the last day to be exact, so what better time to write a 2019 Year in Review post?  I didn't write for my blog that much this year, and my traffic tanked because of it. I'm changing that in 2020. Still, when I did write it was usually because something big happened. Some of the big things I did

2019 Year in Review2019-12-31T16:47:48-06:00

Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story

It's getting to the point where I really wish I'd seen Star Wars back in 1977 instead of, or maybe in addition to, You Light Up My Life, For the Love of Benji or The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training. If I had, this review of Solo: A Star Wars Story, might have more context. On the other hand, it turns out it doesn't

Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story2018-05-25T16:31:31-05:00

RAH’MN Review – The Ramen Place on Snelling

This is my RAH'MN review. This is not a sponsored post, all views are mine. All my Twin City peeps, I know you've been seeing these ramen places popping up all over town in the last year. You're probably wondering is it really worth $7 for 25¢ worth of ramen? I'm here to tell you - probably not. RAH'MN Review - The Ramen Place on

RAH’MN Review – The Ramen Place on Snelling2017-05-02T17:06:42-05:00

EZ Stax Review

A few weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook for EZ Stax. Immediately used my clout as a blogger to get a sample so I could write this EZ Stax Review. EZ Stax are a set of thin plastic interlocking dividers that work perfectly for clothing, papers, basically anything that is reasonably flat and relatively thin. You could use them for crafting if you do

EZ Stax Review2017-03-02T17:46:16-06:00

Bark Potty Dog Park in a Box

Now that winter is upon us and it's getting harder and harder for Stanley to get around, I was thrilled to be asked to review the Bark Potty Dog Park in a Box. Basically the Bark Potty is an indoor potty for dogs who need to relieve themselves indoors. I'll have to admit, I was a little nervous about using the Bark Potty. I was

Bark Potty Dog Park in a Box2016-11-19T06:52:54-06:00

pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher – Ipsy October Bag Fav

I had taken a break from my Ipsy subscription for a while over the summer. Mainly because I felt like I had a beauty subscription problem having Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora Play. And then I realized that is filthy, filthy, lie and re-subscribed just in time to get the adorable October bag and receive pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher. I was excited to see a lip

pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher – Ipsy October Bag Fav2016-11-01T06:24:07-05:00

BarkBox Review

Looking for an honest BarkBox Review? Well then you've come to the right place. As you may or may not know, we go through a lot of dog toys in this house. We also go through an amazing amount of rawhide bones because they last longer than any other dog chew or toy. As you may remember I wrote about indestructible dog toys a couple

BarkBox Review2016-08-19T13:20:49-05:00

Gwen Stafani Urban Decay – Review

My feelings about Gwen Stafani Urban Decay palette have been a roller coaster. I was fucking thrilled when Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani were teaming up - about fucking time right? But I gotta admit, my reaction was much the same as the rest of the UD loving community when I caught my first glimpse of the palette with all of the nudes in it.....

Gwen Stafani Urban Decay – Review2016-07-11T19:21:40-05:00

The UPS Store Launches #SmallBizSalute – Giveaway!

In celebration of National Small Business Month (May), The UPS Store is launching #SmallBizSalute an initiative celebrating small business owners in cities across the country. As an extension of The UPS Store’s commitment to the small business community, the Small Biz Salute campaign rewards entrepreneurs for their hard work and gives them an opportunity to network and support each other, through special events and celebrations

The UPS Store Launches #SmallBizSalute – Giveaway!2016-04-25T11:42:30-05:00

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