The Rabbit Died

No, I'm not pregnant again. Sadly, our adorable little Henry died this morning. It was unexpected and it was horribly sad. Still is. Henry came into our world a couple of years ago. He was a rescue bunny who had lived on the streets for while but eventually ended up at the Humane Society where we found him. I have no idea what kind of

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Mobile Apps for Summer Road Trips

I really just needed to get that post off the front page and update this blog. I don't have any road trips planned this summer but if I did I am sure I would find this infographic about mobile apps for summer travel really useful. *would someone shoot me now? This isn't even a paid post! I just can't think of anything interesting to write.

Mobile Apps for Summer Road Trips2012-06-25T15:04:01-05:00

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

Ever since Apocalypse week on the History Channel over winter break (because I had to watch every show aired), my daughter has been obsessing over the end of the world. She is convinced it will end this year, December 21st, 2012, to be precise. I've tried to explain to her that nuts have been predicting the end of the world since I was her age

It’s the End of the World As We Know It2012-01-09T13:31:15-06:00

I Hate My Cat

I've had it with the cat. Each night she wakes me up at 2am. I don't know what she wants because she doesn't tell me. When she wakes me she runs to the basement where her food dish and litter box are kept. I check both to make sure one is filled and the other is empty and then I go back to bed.  

I Hate My Cat2011-03-11T13:53:17-06:00

Expectation is the Root of all Heartache

The great William Shakespeare said those very words a long time ago and today they ring oh so true. It all started out well enough. Last December, I don't remember where, I mentioned that I really wanted a Chia Pet. I had never had one and while they are easy enough to get they seemed rather extravagant and silly for me to buy for myself.

Expectation is the Root of all Heartache2011-03-04T16:06:12-06:00

Questions That Are Too Stupid To Ask Google

You know that old saying "There are no stupid questions only stupid answers/people"? Well I am here to tell you there are stupid questions, a lot of them. Presumably the are asked on Google by stupid people and inevitably they end up on my blog. Do redheads make good parents? I get why they are here, I'm a redhead and I write a

Questions That Are Too Stupid To Ask Google2011-02-04T15:44:00-06:00

I Should Have Won Something By Now

Let me first say I don't buy cereal or any product because of the promotions on the packages. I buy cereal that my kids like because I don't want to get up early and cook them breakfast. If they want Toasty Chunks of High Fructose Corn Sugar Puffs to start their day I'm right there with them, with a spoon. I tried buying the healthy

I Should Have Won Something By Now2011-01-12T09:58:30-06:00

Death in the Family

And it's all my fault. I killed the hermit crabs. At least I think I did. It's hard to tell since they don't do anything. Hermit crabs aren't like the cat or the dog. If you forget to feed or water then they make noise, they drink out of the toilet, they throw their bowl around until someone notices and feeds them. I

Death in the Family2010-11-01T10:48:30-05:00

The End of Summer

Image by Mark Sardella via Flickr School starts in exactly one week. I'm so excited I can't even tell you. I can't tell you because now that summer is almost over the kids want to cram every little bit of activity into the remaining days of summer. And at the same time they are bored! My daughter, the one who hates school is looking forward

The End of Summer2010-08-31T07:56:43-05:00

I’ve Officially Become A Redneck

Thanks to all the rain we had here in Minnesota, this past weekend, the transition is now complete and I am officially a redneck. That is my back yard. It now has a broken, smelly, Hide-a-Bed couch smack dab in the middle of it. Behind it is a smelly, foul, dirty and wet rug. I realize that I cannot officially lay claim to redneckhood because

I’ve Officially Become A Redneck2010-06-28T21:14:22-05:00

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