It’s All Fun and Games and then You’re Wearing the Cone of Shame

This summer has been a shitshow. Busy as ever, hot as a fuck and I swear to God I am losing my mind. The new puppy is awesome, she's super smart (can already sit, shake and lie down on command) and such a sweetie pie. She also has tons of energy and sharp little puppy teeth. Ruby has been wonderfully patient with all the puppy

It’s All Fun and Games and then You’re Wearing the Cone of Shame2019-07-15T11:26:57-05:00

So You Want to Get a Puppy…

If you're thinking about getting a puppy - don't. Actually do, they're adorable and cute and cuddly and floppy and wonderful. They just don't sleep when you want them to and they poop and pee a lot, especially when you aren't looking. We recently got a new puppy. We went through a border collie rescue and found the most adorable puppy. This was not a

So You Want to Get a Puppy…2019-06-13T20:06:19-05:00

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