You Know You’re a Minnesotan When

As a lifelong Minnesotan (except for those years I lived in Washington, Wisconsin, Texas and Colorado) I am always amazed at how different we are from the rest of the country. Okay, we probably aren't that different, we just have different regional tastes and traditions. Still, as Minnesota has made it's way into the vernacular thanks most to movies like Grumpy Old Men, Fargo and

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MINNEAPOLIS LANDMARKS TO TURN PURPLE IN HONOR OF PRINCE AND PAISLEY PARK’S CELEBRATION 2017 EVENT   Paisley Park Encourages Cities, Landmarks and Fans Around the World to Join in the Purple Tribute   Chanhassen, Minn. (April 17, 2017) – As the world marks the first anniversary of Prince’s passing, Minneapolis landmarks will join Paisley Park in celebrating the life and legacy of Prince by turning


Redhead Ranting 2016 Roundup

For your reading pleasure I've put together my sometimes annual Redhead Ranting 2016 Roundup. Every other media outlet does a roundup so I thought, what the heck, I'll do one too! I'm actually surprised I wrote enough this year for a roundup. In fact, I actually wrote and published 60 posts this year, which is my third time high since I started blogging in 2007.

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Summer in Minnesota 2016: We Lost Prince and Found Jacob

They say this decade, the 2010s, has been pretty crappy for those who came of age during the 80s, we've lost so many of our icons. If that's true, then this summer has truly epitomized that sentiment, especially for Minnesotans. This Summer We Lost Prince and Found Jacob Summer 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. While not officially summer, it was warm (and that's

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On the Passing of Prince – From a Minnesotan

I was in the car with my daughter Thursday morning when we heard the news that Prince had died. We were going to Ikea, driving along 494 through Burnsville, Mn. My daughter is in charge of the radio while we drive and had just switched from satellite radio to a local station, Cities 97 if you're wondering, when we caught the tail end of the

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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Its Michael Jackson's 50th birthday today. Does that make you feel old? I remember when he was black. Back then we argued about Michael Jackson and Prince and who was the more popular celebrity, who had more talent and who was a freak. I was partial to Prince all those years ago as were most Minnesotans. We defended his freakishness. I always found it interesting

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