It’s All Fun and Games and then You’re Wearing the Cone of Shame

This summer has been a shitshow. Busy as ever, hot as a fuck and I swear to God I am losing my mind. The new puppy is awesome, she's super smart (can already sit, shake and lie down on command) and such a sweetie pie. She also has tons of energy and sharp little puppy teeth. Ruby has been wonderfully patient with all the puppy

It’s All Fun and Games and then You’re Wearing the Cone of Shame2019-07-15T11:26:57-05:00

So You Want to Get a Puppy…

If you're thinking about getting a puppy - don't. Actually do, they're adorable and cute and cuddly and floppy and wonderful. They just don't sleep when you want them to and they poop and pee a lot, especially when you aren't looking. We recently got a new puppy. We went through a border collie rescue and found the most adorable puppy. This was not a

So You Want to Get a Puppy…2019-06-13T20:06:19-05:00

Videos for Cats to Watch!!

Finally!! After months and months of thinking about doing this, I finally made a video for my cat to watch! It seems like a small enough thing - making a video of birds eating bird seed, but it was actually a really big thing to do.  We got Navi, the Bombay cat last December a few months after Dini died. Navi is a 3 to

Videos for Cats to Watch!!2018-07-15T21:30:13-05:00

I’m Just Making a Sandwich

I'm just a girl, I'm just making a sandwich. Isn't that how it goes? Ugh. Lunchtime around these parts is pretty exciting if you're of the 4 legged variety. Whatever it is that I am having is 1000% better than what is in their bowl. I know this because when I am late for lunch they will come and remind me that - Hey! It's

I’m Just Making a Sandwich2016-09-08T06:57:46-05:00

BarkBox Review

Looking for an honest BarkBox Review? Well then you've come to the right place. As you may or may not know, we go through a lot of dog toys in this house. We also go through an amazing amount of rawhide bones because they last longer than any other dog chew or toy. As you may remember I wrote about indestructible dog toys a couple

BarkBox Review2016-08-19T13:20:49-05:00

No One Ever Said there Would Be this Much Cat Vomit!!

Lately I've been thinking about all the crap I've cleaned up in my lifetime, and it's a lot. And while cat vomit is not technically crap, it falls into the same category of things I'd rather not touch with my bare hands, which puts it at the same level as doo-doo. No one ever said there would be this much cat vomit. Dini, our 13

No One Ever Said there Would Be this Much Cat Vomit!!2016-08-15T15:02:20-05:00

What’s Under Your Couch?

This is Ruby's toy box.  As you can see it's empty. I buy her a lot of toys and she gets all of the toys that Stanley gets because he doesn't like toys. She got some great dog toys for Christmas and even takes all the cat toys. This dog is not wanting for toys, I promise you. So why aren't there any dog toys

What’s Under Your Couch?2014-01-09T16:19:48-06:00

Indestructible Dog Toys

We go through a lot of dog toys around here. Ruby, the lab/boxer/pitbull puppy can destroy any dog toy within minutes. I've searched high and low for a dog toy that lasts longer than one day. I'd also like to find one that doesn't make a mess. This is the cow toy with another toy inside. It's got a tennis ball on a rope inside

Indestructible Dog Toys2023-03-16T12:35:36-05:00

Keaton and Ruby

This is Keaton (the boy's cat who is visiting) and Ruby (new puppy) who are fighting over one of Keaton's toys. Keaton arrived the day before Ruby did. When we got Ruby she was smaller than Keaton and Keaton had the advantage. Now she is twice the size of the cat and can easily tackle Keaton. For your viewing pleasure.

Keaton and Ruby2012-08-22T14:24:39-05:00

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