I Over Did It with a Can Opener

Yesterday, in a flurry of energy I decided to make chicken chili. Ok, I didn't have much energy my shoulder was a bit achy from traveling and the change in weather, but I had thawed chicken so I really didn't have much choice - I had to make something with it and chicken chili seemed like a good idea on a cold day. You know

I Over Did It with a Can Opener2022-02-16T11:53:45-06:00

I’d Like Some Cheese with this Whine

I'm so sick of this broken shoulder - and yes, I would like some cheese with this whine, and you might too - it's been over a month and while it is a whole lot better than it was, it still hurts (like a mofo today) and is still pretty useless. This past Monday I was cleared by my doctor to start physical therapy. I

I’d Like Some Cheese with this Whine2022-02-02T15:22:51-06:00


We had a bad night, or early morning I suppose. My daughter fell out of bed at 1am. This is the second time in recent memory that she has fallen out of bed. I woke immediately and ran to her room where she was sitting on the floor crying. I swear the horse pushed her out of bed. Me: "What's wrong, did you bump your


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