Almost Wordless

As everyone knows it has been really cold lately. So cold that the daughter has been sleeping in my room because her room is just too cold. It's warmer now, so it's just a bad habit we are going to have to break. When I went into my room to go to sleep last night, this is what I found. **** On a

Almost Wordless2010-01-13T07:21:28-06:00

Cans For Comments

A fellow Minnesota blogger is holding a charity event over on her blog. For every comment Jessica's post receives between now and November 30th she will donate 2 oz of baby formula to the food bank or battered women's shelter. This is a great idea so please stop over at The Bormann Twins and leave a comment.

Cans For Comments2009-11-21T16:24:38-06:00

The kids are back in school!

I wasn't sure this day would ever arrive but it did and it is grand. Both kids were actually excited to get back to school. I know it won't last, but for a day at least they looked their best, promised to act their best and didn't complain when I woke them up. The morning went off without a hitch until I discovered that my

The kids are back in school!2009-09-08T12:34:00-05:00

Moms at the Zoo

We went to the Como Zoo on Good Friday. Our plan was to go to the Minnesota Zoo and meet my friend and her two kids there. About a mile from the zoo I got a call on my cell phone from my friend. "It's a fucking zoo out here" she yelled over the screaming of her kids in the back seat. Apparently we weren't

Moms at the Zoo2009-04-13T09:42:00-05:00

Humor Bloggers Rock

Make video montages at The Hussy Housewife has made this fabulous video of all, okay most, of the Humor Bloggers from Humor Bloggers dot com. I'm sure I can handle the celebrity just fine. When I starred, okay I didn't actually star, in a commercial for the United Way or some other equally important group while I was a Blue Bird, I didn't let

Humor Bloggers Rock2009-03-10T15:14:00-05:00

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