I Almost Slept With Anthony Weiner While Reading Sticky Readers

I almost slept with Anthony Weiner while I was listening to Casey Anthony confess that she killed Caylee. See what I did there? I hooked you in. Now you want to know all the details of how I almost slept with Anthony Weiner and you are just dying to know how I got the scoop on Casey Anthony's confession that she murdered her daughter. I

I Almost Slept With Anthony Weiner While Reading Sticky Readers2011-06-17T09:03:32-05:00

I Channeled Lucille Ball for my Wedding

Last night at the Tribal Blogs Slumber Party we got to talking about bad hair or drunk hairdressers or maybe it was just bad marriages. I'm not really sure because the conversation was going so quickly. Anyway, I mentioned that I looked like Lucille Ball at my first wedding and of course everyone wanted to see a picture. So I posted this Because the conversation

I Channeled Lucille Ball for my Wedding2011-04-17T16:17:25-05:00

I’m a co-host!

I'm co-hosting a discussion over at The Motherhood today! Doug Block filmed his daughter her whole life.  And then it came time for her to go off to college.  Doug's new movie The Kids Grow Up focuses primarily on the year before she went off to college. Join Doug and his wife Marjorie Silver for a live chat TODAY. We'll talk about our kids leaving

I’m a co-host!2010-11-03T07:39:21-05:00

The End of Summer

Image by Mark Sardella via Flickr School starts in exactly one week. I'm so excited I can't even tell you. I can't tell you because now that summer is almost over the kids want to cram every little bit of activity into the remaining days of summer. And at the same time they are bored! My daughter, the one who hates school is looking forward

The End of Summer2010-08-31T07:56:43-05:00

Blogher Envy

Image via CrunchBase I'm not packing, I'm not desperately writing a few posts to auto-post while I am gone. I'm not excited. Because I'm not going to Blogher like every other blogger I know. I could go to Blogher 2010 but I have better things to do. I have to figure out how to get more than 7 readers in my Feedburner chicklet. I have

Blogher Envy2010-08-04T19:07:49-05:00

Stop Trying To Bomb New York City!

For crying out loud terrorists, stop trying to bomb New York City! Why do you hate us so much? When I say 'us' I don't really mean us since I don't live anywhere near NYC, but I do mean 'us' as in U.S. Stop it, you're pissing me off. Midtown Manhattan is closed at the moment because of a suspicious cooler left on the street.

Stop Trying To Bomb New York City!2010-05-07T13:20:41-05:00

I’m Ready

I'm ready for the new school year to begin. Not that I have gotten all the school supplies needed or new clothes for the kids. In fact, in that regard I am woefully unprepared. But, I am ready for them to get back to school. I am ready for them to get out of my house. Too bad they both aren't going off to college

I’m Ready2009-08-25T10:44:00-05:00


Barack Osama is on the ballot in NY. Absentee ballots were sent to people in Rensselaer County, NY with Barack Osama and John McCain on the ballot for US President. The typo has been fixed and the 300 people who received the errored ballot will receive a new one. They can send either one in and have it count no matter what name is on


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