MINNEAPOLIS LANDMARKS TO TURN PURPLE IN HONOR OF PRINCE AND PAISLEY PARK’S CELEBRATION 2017 EVENT   Paisley Park Encourages Cities, Landmarks and Fans Around the World to Join in the Purple Tribute   Chanhassen, Minn. (April 17, 2017) – As the world marks the first anniversary of Prince’s passing, Minneapolis landmarks will join Paisley Park in celebrating the life and legacy of Prince by turning


Thanks President Trump

Thanks President Trump. Because of you, I've successfully tuned out. Since 9/11 I've been plugged into the news. It's either been on in the background or I've checked multiple sites throughout the day to see what's going on. I read all the news sites, and spent a fair amount of time on opinion pieces. I clicked on the fake news and the click bait and

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All Together Now….Awwwww

We have a new member of the family. This is Jack, or Boo, we aren't really sure what we are going to call him. We will not be calling him "Hip-Hop" or Kanye like the 7 year old thinks we should. Jack or Boo is a 9 week old Flemish Giant. At 9 weeks he is already bigger than the cat and will eventually look

All Together Now….Awwwww2011-01-24T08:47:48-06:00

Drum Solos and Orgasms

Cover of Love to Love You Baby There are trends that come and go in the music business, the Auto-Tune is an extremely popular trend these days. And it would be nice if some would give it a rest. I'd actually like to hear what your real voice sounds like. But this post isn't about that. No, this post is about songs with great drum

Drum Solos and Orgasms2010-07-15T12:18:27-05:00

My Garage Sale

So I had my garage sale this past weekend. My first ever garage sale. Also most likely my last. I can't believe how much work having a garage sale is. And considering that most of my junk was already in the garage I didn't have to haul stuff in and out of the house. I used to own a shop and so I thought I

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