Agent Feather Email Phishing Scam

What is the Agent Feather email? Is the Agent Feather email a virus or phishing email? In the past month I've been in a bit of a legal battle with my ex husband. One of these days, if I ever blog again I'll tell you all about it. It's actually really funny. Anyway, because of this animosity between us I wouldn't be surprised to learn

Agent Feather Email Phishing Scam2014-05-07T10:44:53-05:00

National Cupcake Day and Websites to Avoid

Today is National Cupcake Day which is ironic considering all the press Lisa Ellis is getting for having her naked body turn up on Wyclef Jean's cell phone. If it were National Titty Cupcake Day it would be perfect for Miss Ellis. Of course she is busy looking for a new job right now so it probably doesn't matter to her. As you all know

National Cupcake Day and Websites to Avoid2010-03-03T14:06:09-06:00

How To Text Message Properly

Do you text, or txt, message? If you are under the age of 30 you probably do and don't think twice about it. If you are over the age of 30 you probably struggle a bit with the whole thing. I do text message. Reluctantly. I don't really like to but in some cases it is the only way to communicate with people in my

How To Text Message Properly2010-02-24T10:40:10-06:00

But He Really Is Dead

My father died three years ago. I know he died because I was in the hospital room with him as he died. I was at the funeral and even arranged for his ashes to be contained in a Mason Jar. My father loved canning vegetables and had amassed quiet a few cases of the jars. He was also cheap and so it seemed like the

But He Really Is Dead2010-02-24T10:02:20-06:00

America is a Nation of Pussies

I woke up this morning and flipped on the TV which happened to be on CNN. I don't usually want to watch CNN first thing on a Sunday morning but I was captivated by something John King from State of the Union said right before he went to a commercial. It was a teaser for viewers to stay tuned for the upcoming segment. I don't

America is a Nation of Pussies2010-01-10T10:50:15-06:00

Lazy Nights Of Summer or Too Much Time On My Hands

It would seem that I have not provided my children with enough activities this summer, or that summer vacation is just too long. My daughter talked me into buying her a hermit crab and my son has resorted to juvenile delinquency. Last weekend I took my daughter to the lake for the weekend. We invited my neighbor and her daughter up and had a nice

Lazy Nights Of Summer or Too Much Time On My Hands2009-07-16T13:59:00-05:00

The Road Test

The boy took his driver's license exam today. The road test for the real license. I took the test when I was 15. Because of my mother's handicap I was given a B license that allowed me to drive without a parent or adult to and from the pharmacy, doctor's office or other errands my mother might need. I was not allowed to drive around

The Road Test2009-03-04T16:29:00-06:00

There is a special place in hell for…

People who refuse to use their blinkers. I can't read your fucking mind so please use the turn signals that came standard on your vehicle. People who ride up on my ass while driving on black ice. I don't know why these people do this but they are usually talking on their cell phone at the time. If I knew they had insurance I would

There is a special place in hell for…2009-01-16T20:17:00-06:00

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