The Struggle is Real

It's cold here. So cold! I don't mind the cold that much, I mean reasonable cold. This cold is epic. When I woke up this morning it was -27°F. Currently, it's -18°F and falling.  I've experienced these kinds of temps before. I grew up in the 1970s when sub zero temps and record snow falls were pretty commonplace. This current Polar Vortex is breaking all

The Struggle is Real2019-01-30T21:02:49-06:00

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Less than two weeks ago I actually said (back when we had nothing but grass and temperatures above freezing) that I though we might have a mild winter. It's my fault, I jinxed it, I take full responsibility. About a week after I made that stupid prediction it's been snowing ever since and the temperature has barely crawled above 0. Zero! Thankfully I have a

Snow, Snow and more Snow2013-12-10T11:15:36-06:00

Make it Stop!!!!

I am so sick of winter I can't even express myself properly. Last week we had temperatures in the 50s, it was awesome and melted a ton of snow. Here are the before the melting took place pictures Yes, that is dog poop. We had so much snow back in December we had to shovel out a path for the dog. The ladder is there

Make it Stop!!!!2011-02-22T09:29:57-06:00

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