Have you Tried Green Works?

Many of you know that I'm old school when it comes to cleaning. I use harsh chemical abrasives that get the grime off but also ruin my hands and make my eyes water. I use these products because I want to be sure my house is clean. With children and pets the house can get kinda messy and I want to be sure my home

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Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Where nothing seems to be going right? I've been having a string of them. I suspect it has something to do with the recent full moon but it could also be that things are just out of control right now. As most of you know I'm a single mom. You may also recall that the boy left for college this fall so that leaves just

Ever Have One Of Those Days?2011-11-14T11:56:49-06:00

The Laundromat

Due to my dryer crapping out on me the other day I had to go to the laundromat. I have blogging material for the next month just on this one trip. I went to the only laundromat that I knew of, which is located in the 'hood. I remember when there was one in each neighborhood but I guess they have gone the way of

The Laundromat2008-12-31T08:04:00-06:00

Things I used to enjoy but now can’t stand

Folding the laundry, especially socks. Cooking dinner. Making my bed. I used to love folding the laundry especially in the winter time. I felt as if I accomplished something big by sorting, folding, and putting away the clothes. Now it’s just a huge pain. Socks are the worst. My son has feet that are really just big canoe paddles and he wears his socks outside,

Things I used to enjoy but now can’t stand2008-07-23T14:39:00-05:00

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