Isn’t it Ironic?

Last week I got an email from a blog friend asking me for some help. Lola, from Lola's Diner wanted to know if I would help her tweak her profile on Lola has recently re-entered the dating scene and she wanted to make an impression. Lola is one of my oldest blogging pals and I would do anything for her. I am flattered that

Isn’t it Ironic?2010-03-08T16:54:22-06:00

I Need a Man

A few months ago JD, from I do Things So You Don't Have To, was looking for ideas for posts. Like all good bloggers she had hit the wall and had simply run out of things to do for us so she decided to open her blog for requests. I jumped on the opportunity to have her do something that I am tired of doing

I Need a Man2009-03-21T16:31:00-05:00

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