Just Phoning it in

Does it seem as if I have been just phoning it in lately? It does to me. If I haven't had a guest post or a sponsored post I don't think I would have time to write at all. I haven't lost my writing mojo, I've just been using it elsewhere so by the time it comes around to this old blog I

Just Phoning it in2012-04-24T10:27:52-05:00

Obama and the Special Olympics

Last night while chatting with fellow Humor Bloggers, Unfinished Rambler, Hussy Housewife, Humor Smith, Quirkyloon, Da Old Man and Dani, I turned on the Jay Leno show. The Humor Bloggers were picking out drapes or something. I asked if anyone was watching our President on the Jay Leno show and just about got kicked out of the chat room. Imagine my surprise, and the surprise

Obama and the Special Olympics2009-03-20T13:55:00-05:00

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