The Anticipation is Killing Me!

The anticipation is killing me. I'm not even sure that's the right word, but I simply can't wait much longer to find out who will win this election. Sure, I'm almost 100% certain it will be Hillary Clinton, but by the way the internet is acting (and her surrogates and the media are overreacting) one might get the impression the race is a lot closer than

The Anticipation is Killing Me!2016-10-05T15:09:36-05:00

Hillary Clinton is Not a Badass

Since it was divulged that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, social media has lit up with memes about Hillary Clinton's super human stamina. Hillary Clinton is not a badass, Hillary Clinton is just like every other woman on this planet who ignores her own health. And it's a stupid thing to do. This isn't a political post, I don't care for Hillary Clinton's policies or much

Hillary Clinton is Not a Badass2016-09-12T11:14:29-05:00

I Made My Mother Cry… Again

Today I visited my mother in the nursing home. I go every week and usually it's an okay experience for both of us. Not today. Today I made my mother cry... again. I didn't mean to do it, but I walked into it nonetheless. I've always been the one who made my mother cry. My father made her cry quite a bit, too, but he

I Made My Mother Cry… Again2016-09-09T06:04:37-05:00

Summer in Minnesota 2016: We Lost Prince and Found Jacob

They say this decade, the 2010s, has been pretty crappy for those who came of age during the 80s, we've lost so many of our icons. If that's true, then this summer has truly epitomized that sentiment, especially for Minnesotans. This Summer We Lost Prince and Found Jacob Summer 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. While not officially summer, it was warm (and that's

Summer in Minnesota 2016: We Lost Prince and Found Jacob2016-09-05T11:09:23-05:00

The GOP Better Get Their Shit Together!

The GOP better get their shit together, and fast. It should have been no surprise to anyone that there will be no criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for the very careless handling of classified information, and unless the GOP really prefers Hillary to Trump, they need to get their shit together. And fast. Hillary was never going to be indicted. Never. The woman is a Clinton

The GOP Better Get Their Shit Together!2016-07-06T15:46:03-05:00

The Trouble With The Democrats

The trouble with the Democrats is - where to begin? Ugh, the biggest trouble the Democrats have is Bernie. As I stated when I wrote my post about the trouble with the Republicans, I am no political expert, I watch and listen to the talking heads, I read the paper (online) and I try my best to get both sides of the argument and I

The Trouble With The Democrats2016-02-23T19:39:40-06:00

The Trouble With The Republicans

The trouble with the Republicans is - OMG there are so many problems with the Republicans, and Donald Trump isn't the worst of them. I'm not a political expert. For the most part I don't really know what they are talking about a lot of the time. I believe I pay more attention to politics than the average American but my grasp of foreign policy and

The Trouble With The Republicans2016-02-12T15:49:54-06:00

Campaign Season Has Begun – This Time It’s about Gender

A new Campaign Season has begun. Yesterday Hillary Clinton officially threw her hat in the ring. It was a shocking move since no one was expecting her to run for President. Marco Rubio threw his hat in the ring as well but nobody cared. If you look around any social media sites you can see how the campaign is going to shake out. This time

Campaign Season Has Begun – This Time It’s about Gender2015-04-13T15:27:11-05:00

Election 2008 Enough Already, I Am Bitter

Does anyone else think this election has been going on for a little too long and they are running out of things to piss and moan about?Full Disclosure: I have been a little busy with taxes and my mom to watch the news or read the paper besides my horoscope so I haven't been paying attention but seems to me they have run out of

Election 2008 Enough Already, I Am Bitter2008-04-16T10:54:00-05:00

Election 2008

Like the Super Bowl, this election is a nail biter. I tried to follow all of the numbers being posted late into the night and decided to wait until the morning to see if the talking heads had made any definitive sense out of the whole thing. On the dems side it looks like its still anyone's game. McCain looks to be the likely nominee

Election 20082008-02-06T13:15:00-06:00

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