Day 47 – Broken Shoulder Update

I've not bothered with daily updates on my shoulder because the improvement is so incremental, sometimes not at all noticeable, other times it is as if I have gone backwards with recuperation of this blasted broken shoulder. Today is Day 47 so time for a broken shoulder update! I just returned from Orlando, FL last night. I spent the day traveling and am surprised my

Day 47 – Broken Shoulder Update2022-02-12T11:22:46-06:00

Taking a Social Media Break

I had my first physical therapy session for my broken shoulder today. I was eager to get started stretching and strengthening the muscles in my arm which haven't been used much in the last month. I was excited to get my range of motion back and get on with life. While I knew recovery would take some time, I figured once PT started recovery would

Taking a Social Media Break2022-02-04T14:43:37-06:00

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