I Know Something My Son Doesn’t Know

Last night my son had to write a paper on a religion other than his own. He is an atheist so any religion would do. He chose daoism, researched it and wrote his paper. When he tried to print his paper the only thing that printed were the quotes and the pictures he used. None of his original thoughts and ideas printed out. I had

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Sort of a Sexist Rant

Saturday my daughter and I picked out the paint colors for her room. She chose purple and pink. I went to the hardware store and purchase the paint and also picked up the double ended dildo for the grill. The first guy who tried to help me didn't seem to know what I was talking about. No, I did not ask for a "double ended

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HP/Compaq Customer Support, or lack of, Continues…

I received a call from Tyson today. He is the case manager/supervisor that Mahmoud escalated the case to. He again asked for my credit card number and explained that they needed it because they had trouble with customers not returning the defective hard drive. I asked him how much would be charged if it was not returned and he said it could be few hundred

HP/Compaq Customer Support, or lack of, Continues…2008-03-20T14:10:00-05:00

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