I Hate My Kitchen

I have the worlds smallest kitchen. I don't know the dimensions but it's so small I can't fit a kitchen table in it. I used to have a huge kitchen with a magnificent island right in the middle of it. I had beautiful bar furniture tucked underneath the island so no one had to trip over the stools because they stuck out. I want my

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Got Junk?

I do. Every drawer in my house is a junk drawer. Okay, maybe not all of them, the dressers are pretty well organized with socks and underwear in one drawer, shirts in another and pants in still another, but all of the drawers in the communal areas of the house are junk drawers. It was my goal over the holiday break to go through these

Got Junk?2010-01-08T11:29:05-06:00

Too Much TV

I've been watching a lot of tv lately. I blame this solely on Michael Jackson. I don't usually watch much tv but I am unable to pull myself away from the tv when bad things happen. I love train wrecks, I am a rubber necker. I cause those back up on the highway when there is an accident. I can't help but watch. I want

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eBay still bites

I'm still trying to get rid of stuff on eBay. I didn't mean to post again about it but apparently a few people feel pretty strongly about the whole thing. The people have changed. They used to be helpful, it used to be a nice community of people. In the last couple weeks I have listed about 75 items. My descriptions are as detailed as

eBay still bites2009-06-07T13:52:00-05:00


I went to Ikea this weekend. I'm looking for a pull out couch or futon for my office upstairs. I need something small since the doorways are really tiny in my house. I've been to Ikea twice before this excursion. Once when I lived in Seattle and once when they opened one here across from the Mall of America. Both times I went just to


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