Breaking Down my Fitbit Steps

I love my Fitbit. It motivates me to get off my ass and get out and do some walking. That's a great thing and it's helped me to lose a some weight I've been trying to shed. I can't say enough good things about the Fitbit. Except, it doesn't break down my Fitbit steps. I do, on average, 16000 steps each day. I walk each morning,

Breaking Down my Fitbit Steps2017-04-26T19:56:37-05:00

Apple Upgrades the Apple Watch, iPhone 7

I've had an iPhone for years, I've had an Apple Watch for about a year. I love it, but it has some limitations. The good news is Apple upgrades the Apple Watch, iPhone 7. The big news is Apple Watch is now waterproof, though they are calling it water resistant to 50 meters. Whatever, it means I can now swim with it on, more importantly

Apple Upgrades the Apple Watch, iPhone 72016-09-07T13:18:42-05:00

What To Expect When You Have A Stress Test

I had my first stress test today. I had no idea what to expect so thought I would share my experience with you. When you have a stress test they will tell you what to expect but it's all very clinical so what follows is my real life experience of a first time stress test. I have not been having any heart trouble, this is

What To Expect When You Have A Stress Test2015-07-20T22:17:35-05:00

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