Already Behind on NaBloPoMo

No one should be surprised that I am already three posts behind on NaBloPoMo. I'll get caught up today, and yeah, this one counts. I love the idea of writing everyday but I also love the idea of writing posts that are actually interesting, entertaining or even outrage producing. I don't like the idea of boring people to death. If you like those kind of

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Bloggers who Blog

A few weeks ago I asked Facebook if any bloggers were still blogging. I received quite a response from all of you who are still blogging, so I created this Bloggers who Blog list. Feel free to visit all of sites listed here. You may find a new gem! I've been making my way, and leaving a comment, on each of the blogs listed. I hope

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OMG Stop Unfriending Each Other!!

For the love of Pete, stop unfriending each other!! Every five minutes someone is challenging their Facebook friends and followers to unfriend them if they hold a different opinion about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. "If you support that lying, misogynistic, groping dumbass - well just unfriend me now", or "If you think she actually supports women then you can just unfriend me right now,

OMG Stop Unfriending Each Other!!2016-10-12T11:16:13-05:00

What’s Happening to Our Nation?

If you're like me, you're probably wondering what's happening to our nation? Yesterday, following the killing of Philando Castile, I was moved to go to the protest at the Governor's mansion in St. Paul. I've wanted to write about this issue for a long time, but have never known what to say. Witnessing the peaceful protest at the Governor's mansion didn't help me much. For

What’s Happening to Our Nation?2016-07-08T09:03:57-05:00

Romantic as Hell – A Review

Romantic as Hell - A Review So maybe 6 or 7 months ago Rodney Lacroix asked me to review his newest book, Romantic As Hell. Rodney is one of my favorite authors so I was delighted to be asked. Of course if he had asked my via email or Facebook I might have responded sooner than the three months it took for me to respond

Romantic as Hell – A Review2016-03-11T11:59:05-06:00

No, I’m Not Killing My Blog!

It might seem like it but I've not killed this blog -- yet. I haven't even thought about killing it because, honestly, I forgot all about it. Sure, the idea that I should update passes through my head when I get notification of spam in the comments, but other than that I haven't thought much about it. I planned on writing, a lot, back in

No, I’m Not Killing My Blog!2015-10-19T12:35:38-05:00

Bloggers Who Write Books

This week is a great week for those of us who started blogging because we were going to write a book. I say that because two great bloggers have come out with books this week and each of them are not only great reads but inspiration for those of us who have a book but just haven't gotten off our asses long enough to hit

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I’m Not Pissed Off Enough

I know I need to update my blog more often and I have 3M Postit Notes all over my monitors with ideas for posts (I'm from Minnesota so we have to say "3M Postit Notes" instead of "sticky notes" like the rest of the world. It's like how we say Duck, Duck, Grey Duck instead of Duck, Duck, Goose or how we call pop pop

I’m Not Pissed Off Enough2015-03-08T14:45:06-05:00

The Walking Dead is Back!!

I'm so excited for the return of The Walking Dead I can't even express my excitement. AMC has been showing the last three seasons this weekend and I've caught most of it. Binge watching The Walking Dead is probably the best way to see it. With all the breaks in the season it's easy to forget what happened in the episode or two before. Everything

The Walking Dead is Back!!2015-02-08T14:43:35-06:00

Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts EVER!!

Mother's Day is just around the corner so I thought it would helpful to all you people with moms if I gave a quick rundown of what not to get her for that day in honor of her. I'm not talking about macaroni necklaces or hand made cards, those are cherished gifts which moms always love. If you are giving her those things you aren't

Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts EVER!!2014-05-07T09:44:31-05:00

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