It’s All Fun and Games and then You’re Wearing the Cone of Shame

This summer has been a shitshow. Busy as ever, hot as a fuck and I swear to God I am losing my mind. The new puppy is awesome, she's super smart (can already sit, shake and lie down on command) and such a sweetie pie. She also has tons of energy and sharp little puppy teeth. Ruby has been wonderfully patient with all the puppy

It’s All Fun and Games and then You’re Wearing the Cone of Shame2019-07-15T11:26:57-05:00

I’m Gonna Call Him Lefty

My son broke his wrist.  Three weeks ago. We just got back from the orthopedist's office today. How does anyone wait three weeks to get a broken wrist looked at you ask? When he broke his wrist I tried to get him to go to the ER to have his wrist looked at. The boy refused. When he was little it was easy to just

I’m Gonna Call Him Lefty2010-04-12T15:18:48-05:00

Why We Really Need Health Care Reform

My daughter is feeling much better. Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes. She does indeed have the H1N1 virus though no one tested her, they just ruled out everything else. She does not have strep. Daughter started feeling kinda crappy Sunday night, no temp but she wasn't her normal self. This was not a bad thing at first since she sat still for

Why We Really Need Health Care Reform2009-10-23T06:24:04-05:00

H1N1 or Strep

I have a sick child home today.  She was sick yesterday too and from everything I can tell she will be home the rest of the week. My kid has H1N1. Or maybe it's strep throat. No one seems to know and they don't really want to find out. My daughter has a fever, 102 the last time I checked, and with Tylenol or Motrin

H1N1 or Strep2009-10-20T11:18:03-05:00

It’s Officially Summer, We’ve Been to the ER

Summer is officially here now that we have made our annual trip to the ER. We go in the winter time too but it has been a while since the cat scratched my son's eye or he had a 50lb weight drop on his finger. This time it was my daughter who got to make the trip. Actually, all of us got to make the

It’s Officially Summer, We’ve Been to the ER2009-07-28T13:46:00-05:00

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